If it's not Pinecrest tough,
it's not tough enough.

Welcome to PineCrest Water Tanks

PineCrest is Tasmania's premier water tanks supplier and manufacturer. Our products available for immediate delivery include tanks, water pumps, PVC and poly pipe fittings, and rural equipment.

Our business has been operating for over 30 years, and we are the leading poly water tank manufacturer in Tasmania. All our water tanks are manufactured from high quality "tank grade" polyethylene plastics. We also have a range of plumbing fittings and pumps to complement your tank and any other plumbing requirements you may need.

Our Rotationally Moulded Polyethylene Water Tanks Are:

TOUGH: Tanks are tough and virtually unbreakable, yet are light and easy to install.

NO RUST OR CORROSION: Tanks are made from UV stabilised Polyethylene which will never rust or corrode

ONE PIECE CONSTRUCTION: Tanks are made from a single mould. There are no assembly joints to fail.

FITTINGS: Tanks are fitted with mosquito proof strainer, outlets on overflows on all tanks 1100 gals and above.

CHOICE OF COLOURS: Tanks come in a range of colours. Please contact us and we can forward you a copy of our colour range.

NON-TOXIC: Tanks are produced using high quality non-toxic food grade Polyethylene which imparts no taste to water, is fully recyclable and is kind to the environment.



Four reasons you can trust a PineCrest Water Tank.

1Your water will remain fresh and taste like real water!
Your water won't be tainted while contained in a PineCrest water tank. Our tanks are made of high quality, food-grade polyethylene or 'poly'. This material does not discolour or flavour your water with nasty chemicals. Pure and natural water captured from clean Tasmanian rain – that's it.
2No extra bits in your water
Storing rainwater is our priority and, therefore, we sell only the best Tasmanian water tanks in the world. We make sure bugs and debris are kept out of your tank, and your water, with a mosquito-proof strainer. Insects aren't welcome – we make sure only pure, fresh, local rainwater flows from your tank.
3Healthy for you and the planet
We care about your family's health and our shared environment. Our poly tanks are non-toxic, ensuring that your rainwater stays clean and potable without treatment. PineCrest water tanks are made of fully recyclable and environmentally-friendly polyethylene. Our tanks last for a long time and come with a 10-year warranty – we feel good knowing that each tank is a considered and one-off lifetime purchase.
4Your tank will last and last
A PineCrest water tank is the most durable water storage container around – and it comes with a 10-year warranty The toughness is due to the 'poly' material and one piece construction. Polyethylene plastic won't break down, meaning your rainwater won't be tainted either. Our polytanks are made with one mould, so there are no joint fittings in the tank body – definitely no gaps and no need for maintenance! PineCrest water tanks are the best among our global competitors.