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Do you have financing options?
Yes, financing is available! Ask one of our friendly staff about the financing options.
How do I order a PineCrest water tank?
You can call us or send us a message, or visit our store in Sorell, 20 minutes from Hobart. We'll clarify your order and confirm it with you in writing.
Will my tank come with a warranty?
Yes, all PineCrest water tanks come with a 10 year warranty. But our tanks are so tough and we're sure they'll last much longer than a decade.
How do I install my polytank?
We have detailed instructions on how to install your new polytank on our website under Installation. We're happy to explain installation to you in person or over the phone.
Will the tank be delivered to my home?
Yes, we can arrange delivery to your home, normally within 1 to 3 business days after purchase. Please contact us regarding our delivery areas. The cost of delivery depends on the distance that our truck needs to travel.
How long does the water stay potable in Pinecrest tanks?
Your water will stay clean and potable for a long time. Our tanks are made from food-grade, non-toxic polyethylene, which will not taint your water. Thanks to the robust design of our tanks, your rainwater will remain clean and pure.

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