Warranty and installation instructions.
It is essential to have your tank on a FLAT LEVEL AND COMPACTED BASE. The base of your tank must be fully supported.


Concrete slab must be at least 25 MPa and 100mm (4 inches) thick with F62 mesh halfway through the mix. It should be screened flat and level with no high or low spots. The finish surface should have a trowelled finish.
FCR (fine crushed rock) bases must be 300mm (12 inches) wider in diameter than the tank and prepared as follows:
INSPECT THE BASE REGULARLY checking for and rectifying any undermining by water run-off or animals burrowing. The 10-year warranty is limited to 1 owner, 1 site location becoming void upon resale or movement to another site. The warranty is strictly limited to making good at the PineCrest factory at the owner's expense.
  • Poly fittings may only be used on the outlets of the tanks.A flexible hose must be installed in the pipework between the tank outlet and the pump or existing pipework. (Available from PineCrest)
  • On all plumbing installations the connections must be well supported and not depending on the tank walls or outlets for support.
  • Tanks fitted with overflows, the overflow must be piped to a council approved stormwater connection to avoid erosion of the FCR bed.
  • Please note if poly tanks are to be raised off the ground by the means of a stand.
  • Tanks are only suitable for on ground and stand sites.
  • The structure has to be approved by a structural engineer or you have voided your warranty.
  • Flush or clean water tank before first use.
  • Walking or standing on top of water tank is not permitted.
  • Failure to install water tank to above installation instructions will void warranty.
  • Tank must be vented to prevent it being subject to pressure or vacuum (leaf strainer or breather must be installed).