Water Tanks Hobart

Small Water Tanks

48 to 330 Gallons / 220 to 1470 Litres

At Pinecrest water tanks Hobart, our range of small capacity squat and tall poly water tanks come in all different shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs. Our small water tanks are no compromise on quality, capacity or toughness. They are perfect space savers for properties or locations where space is very limited. Ideal where a larger water tank would be impractical, like your veranda, patio or BBQ area. Or even in locations where accessing water may be more difficult.
Put a water tank in your garden to water those hard to reach places. For a supplementary or emergency drinking water solution put one outside your unit, shed or even your shack. They may look small but they hold a lot more than you would think. And at Pinecrest Hobart all our water tanks are built tough to last, out of UV resistant polyethylene plastics. They are completely non-toxic and safe for you, your loved ones and the environment.
*Please note all measurements are approximate and can vary by smaller amount listed below

Medium Water Tanks

560 to 1100 Gallons / 1470 to 4945 Litres

Is the old galvanised steel water tank looking a little worse for wear? At Pinecrest Hobart our poly water tanks are the toughest around. Our range of medium water tanks meet all the industry standard requirements, plus more. An ideal solution for rural, domestic or industrial use. Whether you are storing water for your animals, your crops, your garden or yourself you'll have plenty to go around. Plus our water tanks are built with polyethylene plastics that are UV resistant. With over 30 years of experience in the industry you have the Pinecrest Hobart guarantee that it'll last. Our water tanks are also completely non-toxic and are large enough that you can use them for your own general water supply for your house, shed and garden or even just to supplement or to be a back up to your existing water supply. It's great for the environment and even better for you.
*Please note all measurements are approximate and can vary by smaller amount listed below

Large Water Tanks

2,100 to 5,250 Gallons / 9,430 to 23,608 Litres

If you are after a large capacity water storage solution then you have come to the right place. At Pinecrest Hobart we are all about water tanks. We have a range of large capacity water tanks to suit any individual need. Whether it's for rain or storm water collection, use or processing or if it's domestic or industrial. Pinecrest Hobart water tanks are completely safe and 100% non-toxic. They are good for the environment, great for your family and will save you money in the long run.
They are also built tough and in one piece, no assembly required. They are built with UV resistant polyethylene plastics so they are guaranteed to last you for a good long while. And they hold enough water that they can be useful for any situation, use it as your main domestic water source for a large family, or as a water storage solution for agricultural land.
*Please note all measurements are approximate and can vary by smaller amount listed below