Medium Water Tanks

Is the old galvanised steel water tank looking a little worse for wear?
At Pinecrest Hobart our poly water tanks are the toughest around. Our range of medium water tanks meet all the industry standard requirements, plus more.
An ideal solution for rural, domestic or industrial use. Whether you are storing water for your animals, your crops, your garden or yourself you'll have plenty to go around.
Plus our water tanks are built with polyethylene plastics that are UV resistant. With over 30 years of experience in the industry you have the Pinecrest Hobart guarantee that it'll last.
Our water tanks are also completely non-toxic and are large enough that you can use them for your own general water supply for your house,
shed and garden or even just to supplement or to be a back up to your existing water supply.
It's great for the environment and even better for you.

For the best water tanks Hobart, water tanks Tasmania, It has got to be a pinecrest tank!
*Please note all measurements are approximate and can vary by smaller amount listed below

560 Gallons / 2525 Litres

Tank DimensionsUnits (mm)
Height (overall)1640
Height (to inlet)1640
Strainer (diameter)250

1000 Gallons / 4538 Litres

Tank DimensionsUnits (mm)
Height (overall)1350
Height (to inlet)1250
Strainer (diameter)400

1100 Gallons / 4945Litres

Tank DimensionsUnits (mm)
Height (overall)2100
Height (to inlet)1880
Strainer (diameter)400

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